Recent publication news:

January 2018:
So excited to share my first article for VICE, which explores nostalgia fatigue in TV and film (aka why people were hatin' on Star Wars).

I've got a brand-new essay on lyricism and using myth/magic in realist novels up at Ploughshares! Ahh!

December 2017:
My article on Doctor Who and its most amazing progressive moments is live now at Crixeo! Check it out here.

October 2017:
My craft essay “The Shattered Novel: The Rules of Fragmented Fiction” is up on Grist's fabulous blog, The Writing Life! Check it out here.

I am beyond excited to say my Day One story “Earthbound John” is recently released and available in issue 5.1 or as a Kindle Single. I am so enamored by that gorgeous cover!

Issue 7 of Phantom Drift, featuring my flash piece “Mama Says,” is out now and available here.

Very happy to announce a story forthcoming in Black Warrior Review! Details coming soon.

My Choose Your Own Adventure story “How to Be” has been reprinted in the Santa Fe Writers' Project's first-ever annual, and what a beautiful job they did with it! You can order a copy here. Also, you can read my interview with the Santa Fe Writers Project here.

The first installment of my Apartment Zoo series--titled “One Bedroom, One Bathroom, and One Big Dalmatian”--has gone live at Ravishly. Check it out here.