Recent publication news:

January 2019:
Great big welcome to 2019, which is starting off strong with the publication of my essay in Lit Hub on feminist futurism and the "female" virtual assistant! Check it out here.

Also: BIG NEWS!! My prose chapbook Pretty to Think So has been accepted with Selcouth Station Press, with a release date of February 2019! I am over the moon about this, y'all, it's unreal. Watch this space for updates! It's going to be a good year, I can tell.

November 2018:
I was honored to recently have been the featured reader for the Poets in Pajamas online reading series! You can watch the recording of my reading here.

I was also delighted to have a new story out in the most recent issue of The Pinch! Stories also forthcoming in Mississippi Review and Passages North, both coming in early 2019. It's been a good fall!

March 2018:
My story "The Space Poet" is out now in Black Warrior Review 44.2! Check out my accompanying craft essay here or buy the issue here.

Two new articles are up now on Yahoo and Crixeo, the first one about ways to make your home more magical and the second about Spock teaching us to be better humans. Happy spring!

January 2018:
So excited to share my first article for VICE, which explores nostalgia fatigue in TV and film (aka why people were hatin' on Star Wars).

I've got a brand-new essay on lyricism and using myth/magic in realist novels up at Ploughshares! Ahh!

December 2017:
My article on Doctor Who and its most amazing progressive moments is live now at Crixeo! Check it out here.

October 2017:
My craft essay “The Shattered Novel: The Rules of Fragmented Fiction” is up on Grist's fabulous blog, The Writing Life! Check it out here.

I am beyond excited to say my Day One story “Earthbound John” is recently released and available in issue 5.1 or as a Kindle Single. I am so enamored by that gorgeous cover!

Issue 7 of Phantom Drift, featuring my flash piece “Mama Says,” is out now and available here.

Very happy to announce a story forthcoming in Black Warrior Review! Details coming soon.

My Choose Your Own Adventure story “How to Be” has been reprinted in the Santa Fe Writers' Project's first-ever annual, and what a beautiful job they did with it! You can order a copy here. Also, you can read my interview with the Santa Fe Writers Project here.

The first installment of my Apartment Zoo series--titled “One Bedroom, One Bathroom, and One Big Dalmatian”--has gone live at Ravishly. Check it out here.