Craft/Critical Essays 
“Ditch the Quotes: Teach Your Students to Italicize Dialogue.” AWP: The Writer's Notebook. FC 2019.
Reading Feminist Futurism in the Age of the 'Female' Virtual Assistant.” Lit Hub. 1/19.
On Obsession.” Black Warrior Review. 4/18.
Enchanted Prose: Lyrical Language as Strength in the Mythic Novel.” Ploughshares. 1/18.
The Shattered Novel: Rules of Fragmented Fiction.” Grist: The Writing Life. 10/17.

Personal Essays
On the Front Porch Steps with a Cigarette.” Entropy. 1/19.
“My Day in Dollywood.” Us of America. 12/17.
One Bedroom, One Bathroom, and One Big Dalmatian.” Ravishly. 10/17.
I Went Out with My High School Crush as an Adult—And It was a Disaster.” Elite Daily. 7/17.
How I Caught a Dad on Pokémon Go.” Ravishly. 6/17. (Reprinted 7/17 on The Good Men Project.)
The Cost of Driving Cross-Country.” The Billfold. 6/17.
The Sightless Witness.” Candid Nonfiction Magazine. 4/15.